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Radha Bani Thani, the Indian MonaLisa!

Featuring Pure marble home and temple decor from our Bimla, pure Collection.

The Marble decorative Dual Bani Thani Plate is made from Pure white Makrana Marble. Decorated and embellished with Meenakari painting and decorated stones. It is 7x7 inch each in Diameter and length. This marble Showpiece is hand made and hand painted using Meenakari, Embossed work ,Enamel and stone work. Bani Thani refers to an Indian miniature painting painted by Nihal Chand from the Marwar school of Kishangarh. He paints a graceful and elegant Krishna’s loved one Radha, an ideal representation of a woman. Makes perfect gifts for everyone all occasions May it be wedding, engagement, house warming, Anniversary, any festive occasion or just because!Plate holder not included.

Art Plate - Bimla Raadhyati, Temple Thal Set Collection 💎

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