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Suman, when these are crafted together, Magic is created! Just like its name this is a popular Beautiful Flower, Haath Phool. 
These are Adjustable Haath Phool, Haath Palani, Haath Paan - which is a traditional Bracelet and Ring combined together.  You will love this Traditional Ornament as it is made of the Gorgeous  kagaz ke phool, colorful paper Pieces and is put together as a flower. Attached  together with perfection and skill are the cream color pearl strings to connect the adjustable Delicate Kundan Ring. 
Available in two gorgeous color combination. Bulk orders are taken for wedding, halidi and sweet sixteen, etc. 
These are adjustable so it’s a once size fits all. 
These flower Jewelry pieces is a traditional form of north Indian especially Punjab region Jewelry involving a superior quality paper embedded with beads.  Spark those Hardworking and Elegant Hands at our next celebration!🌸

Haath Phool - 🎨 Suman, Flower Kagaz ke phool Bangle & Ring Collection

Also available in Maroon Color
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