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A pair of Rangeen, Colorful Wool thread Sangeeta, Melody Adjustable Ghungroo, Bells Kalerey bangle bracelet. One set includes 2 pieces; a pair.

Colors available- Yellow orange and Red.

Sangeeta, Melody is going to be the good word when you wear these Bright Colored thread bangles which are decorated and embellished with a generous amount of Sunahara golden metal Clustered Ghungroos. This adjustable open Kada, Bracelet, Bangle is sure to bring music to your ears and a treat to your eyes. .

Thread and Ghungroo/bells open bangles are one size fits all. 🌞

A pair for $10.00

Bangle - 🎚 Rangeen Sangeeta, Colorful Melody Set of 2 Collection

Also available in Maroon Color
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