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Bahubali style Zuri Sakhi 2.5 inches earrings length plus 4.75 inches is the length of the Sahara.
Gorgeous Sunahara, Golden colored Chandbali, Ladli shaped earrings with trimmed with pearls.  Set includes a detachable beautifully crafted Sahara, Sakhi for added support and style.
Sakhi, our friend. Just like a friend This Sakhi holds up and enhances the traditional beauty of the worn Earrings. Kaan, Ear Chain are worn both for style and Support ! Since the kaan chain is detachable you can wear them with these or any other pair of earrings. 
ThIs one is made of gorgeous three beads chain of green,  White and Red Colored Beads.
Bahubali Featured Ear Chain also known as Maati, Sahaara or Kaan Chain, a must have accessory for Every Jewelry Box. 
Beautifully Handcrafted three lines of colored beaded Sunahara golden chain put together with a hook.  One part is to be attached to the back of the earring and the other part with the hook attaches to your hair. Any hairstyle, any attire, any earring, this kaan chain will surely Spruce you up! A pair included in the set.๐ŸŒธ
These are 2 in 1. Detachable ear chain plus gorgeous earrings. You can wear them separately or as a set or you can mix and match too. 

Earrings - Zuri Sakhi, Attractive Collection ๐Ÿ’Ž

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