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Let’s introduce you to Eshana, The Desire! Avani, the earth created these irregular assorted colored stone and beads Necklace. Modern Irregular barrel shaped Stone modern and trendy fashion Necklace, with shades of colored contrast and or matching beads and dull golden and or German Silver striking ring divider  side pendants. Too good to pass. These are adjustable too! 
Choose the color according to the bead’s color. These are 12.5 inches in full drop hanging length. 
Colors available are - 
🎉Red barrel tumble beads with lipstick 
 red beads dividers decorated with Golden sunahara dividers. 🌸
🎉Aqua blue tumble barrel beads with brown beads and German silver dividers🌸
🎉Plum Red tumble beads and lipstick red beads🌸
🎉Navy Blue tumble barrel beads decorated with lilac purple beads separated with German silver ring Dividers, suspended from charcoal black beads.🌸
🎉Fern green tumble beads decorated with light mehendi green beads and Golden ring divides. Suspended from charcoal black beads.🌸
🎉Mustard green tumble barrel beads decorated with light furniture brown, fawn beads and golden ring dividers suspended from charcoal black beads .🌸

Necklace - 🎨 Eshana, Avani, Earth 🛍

colors available
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